Laneige: Lip Sleeping Mask

Here is a TV commercial project which I did as a 2-man team
 More details on our project together can be found here at Behance.
For this project we chose the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask for our product and
focused on the flavours available in the US market.
It offered more variety and room for playful experimentation
as that was the vibe and tone we wanted to go for.
Here, I will go show more of the parts I did for this project.
- Scene 1
- Scene 4
- Scene 5 Sh 6 - Scene 6 sh 1
- Scene 7 Sh 2-3
- Scene 8 - 9
My roles for this project were: Project Manager and Storyboard Artist
with the shared roles of Art Direction, Designer, 3D Modelling and Animation with my group mate.
Sweet Vitality
WIP Styleframes
Final Styleframes
Final Output
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